Benefits of video games in education

Properly applied, video games encourage learning and have many educational benefits. There are a multitude of games that can be used safely in teaching and that make students feel motivated to continue learning. Below is an infographic with some of the benefits of video games in education..

It is often thought that video games are only entertainment, that there is nothing else behind them, but for a long time now, video games have moved away from the realm of leisure to the realms of art, medicine and education.

One example is ourselves, Didactoons develops educational video games to reinforce mathematics and learn about the human body. Games created directly to educate with fun and that are used by teachers in their classrooms.

Infographic with some benefits of using videogames in education

Video games inspire us, they make us want to learn history with Assassin's Creed or travel the world and explore archaeological tombs in Tomb Raider. Nowadays, they are a reference and a mirror in which many children and teenagers look at themselves. That is why it is important to apply them correctly in education.

Video games make learning fun, motivate students to keep improving in different subjects, help create bonds that improve teamwork, stimulate creativity by thinking about how we can pass a certain level of a game, make us more attentive, reflect and, when they are not translated, reinforce languages such as English.

There are many others benefits of video games in education., if you are interested in the subject, we will be happy to talk again in a new blog about “Serious Games”, video games that can be applied to education, the role of parents and tutors in the use of video games, the ESRB and other benefits of playing video games in the classroom or at home.

January 27, 2021

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