Didactoons collaborates with JuegaTerapia with the distribution of educational games.

We are pleased to announce that we have collaborated with JuegaTerapia with the distribution of codes for our educational games. Children will be able to play Monster Numbers, MathLand, Math-E, Fraction Challenge, 123 Dots, ABC Dinos and Dino Tim on their tablets or mobiles to make their recovery hours more fun.

As JuegaTerapia says in its latest campaign, #ElJuegoTambiénCura and videogames are part of their leisure time. At Didactoons, we develop educational video games and, since the kids who are fighting cancer spend a lot of time in hospitals, we wanted to give them several codes so that while they have fun, they can reinforce some of the educational subjects that they have had to leave a little aside.

JuegaTerapia is a foundation that was founded in 2010 and since then has distributed 5,948 video game consoles and tablets, as well as 21,260 games, to which the Didactoons educational adventure codes will now be added. Its work is to make it possible for children who are admitted to hospitals to spend the most pleasant time away from their families, so that the time flies by while they play.