What is PEGI?

Is there any way to know what kind of content the most famous games have or for what ages they are recommended? Yes, the PEGI or Pan European Game Information with which the European Union wants to help parents and guardians when buying a video game for a minor.

All video games that we find in the market are identified with their age rating, just like movies to identify if they have foul language or content that may shock minors. In the case of Didactoons games, for example, they have PEGI 3 as they are suitable for all audiences and educational.

MathLand is PEGI 3, suitable for all audiences

The PEGI is applied in 38 countries of the European Union, including Spain, and was introduced in 2003. Previously, there was no specific rating for video games, but the ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe) association realized that it was necessary to have some kind of content identifier to provide guidance to consumers of video games and especially to parents on whether or not a product was suitable for a child's age

Age and content labels

Within the PEGI there are two levels of information: age and content. This classification does not evaluate the difficulty, it looks at the elements of the game to determine if they are suitable or not for a certain age. Most video games fall within the PEGI 3 range, for all audiences, but with the growth of the industry and narratives, more and more are rated PEGI 12 or PEGI 18.

As for the content label, identify if the video game has foul language, elements that may be discriminatory, if there is talk of drugs or if the characters use them, if there are elements that can be scary, gambling, sex or sexualizes the characters, violence or if there are payments within the game.

PEGI is divided into age labels and content descriptors

In the United States, there is a similar system called ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board, born in 1994, which, unlike PEGI, uses alphabetical letters to identify the age ranges to which these video games are addressed. For example, E-Everyone, E+10 or T-Teen.

We hope this article about PEGI has helped you, you can find information and statistics on its official website and, before we say goodbye, we leave you some tips for children who use the Internet to make a safe use.

February 10, 2021

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