123 Dots video with its new features on iOS and Android

A few weeks ago we told you that 123 Dots was going to have a big update with improvements. Well, it is now available and we can share with you a video of 123 Dots with its new features on iOS and Android.

Youtube teaser of the 123 Dots update on iOS and Android

123 Dots learns to count is our educational app for children in early childhood education. With this game, they learn to count, the alphabet and to follow logical series, but now they can also exercise their memory and solve puzzles.

At Didactoons, we always want our educational apps and games to be as complete as possible. For this reason, we are always improving and thinking about how they can be more fun and educational. In 123 Dots learn to count we have added new exercises and modified the way of selecting the level of difficulty, which now does not go by age.

This update of 123 Dots is now available on iOS and Android without any additional purchase, you just need to update the app on your mobile devices.

May 11, 2021

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