BodyQuest will be released on Nintendo Switch on 25 March.

Didactoons and Artax Games are pleased to announce that BodyQuest will be released on Nintendo Switch on 25 March.. After months of hard work and preparation, the educational adventure that introduces us to the human body has now set its release date on Nintendo's console.

BodyQuest is an adventure game that mixes puzzles, platforming and educational activities in a fun and colourful environment where you join a young science team led by Max, Jin, Lia and Zev in order to save humanity from a mysterious virus from outer space.

The adventure begins in the year 2134, your best friend Finn is the first patient infected by this strange disease. Thanks to nanobot technology, you will be able to enter his body and go through the different systems of the human body: musculoskeletal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems in order to find a cure to fight the virus and destroy it.

Features of BodyQuest

  • 25 different levels with more than 60 different test challenges.
  • 5 worlds related to body systems: Musculoskeletal, Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous & Circulatory.
  • 4 playable characters to personalise to your liking with more than 20 customization items.
  • 7 nano-skills to unlock by upgrading your nano-tool.
  • Varied gameplay mechanics exclusive for each level.
  • 5 types of different enemies.
  • Special collectible items with additional anecdotes about famous scientists.

BodyQuest will be released on March 25th on Nintendo Switch and you can already find its official page on Nintendo's website. Also, if you want to know more details about the adventure that puts you in the human body, we remind you that you can read our BodyQuest presentation note, when we announced that it was coming out in 2021 and that has statements from the development team.

March 12, 2021

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