Didactoons interview on Zoom Net about BodyQuest

BodyQuest is just around the corner, on 25 March it will be available for Nintendo Switch to teach young and old about the human body. To promote the game, the TV show Zoom Net visited our studio.

The interview with Didactoons on Zoom Net about BodyQuest was broadcasted on Saturday 13 March 2021 on Canal 24 horas and La 1 of RTVE, together with the reports Canal Connect and cybercrime in pandemic. During our intervention, we talked about the development of BodyQuest and the creation of educational video games.

BodyQuest is an adventure that mixes puzzles, platforming and educational activities that takes you inside the human body to save Finn, a young man from 2134 who has contracted a strange alien virus. Thanks to nanotechnology, you can save his life and the life of humanity.

You can see interview with Didactoons on Zoom Net about BodyQuest in this post and from here we want to thank Manuel Gonzalez, director and presenter of the programme, for his visit to our studio to know BodyQuest and we take the opportunity to congratulate Zoom Net for its 15th anniversary.

March 17, 2021

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