MathLand – NextN play in streaming

MathLand has been one of the flagship titles in our catalogue since its release on iOS and Android mobile platforms in 2018, before jumping to Nintendo Switch in February 2020. To mark the upcoming release of BodyQuest and to celebrate one year since the launch of MathLand on Nintendo's console, NextN media plays MathLand live.

For just over an hour live, Rafa Mañas, webmaster of NextN, Nica y Juanjo del Álamo, colaborador de NextN y educador de carrera, han estado recorriendo la aventura pirata protagonizada por Ray para enseñar a los padres de su canal una alternativa educativa para jugar con sus niños y niñas. Diversión y aprendizaje que van de la mano para que aprendan matemáticas.

In MathLand, the evil pirate Max has stolen the magic gems and enchanted the islands with obstacles and traps. Our hero, Ray, has to sail the seas, explore the different islands, 25 in total, while solving puzzles and mathematical games.

In addition to playing and commenting on MathLand, NextN also held a live raffle for a Nintendo Switch code. We hope the winner enjoys it a lot and from Didactoons we would like to thank NextN for their live game, as well as all the feedback they have given us. Serious games can be very entertaining for children and adults, a very good alternative to reinforce educational subjects. What did you think of this content, would you like us to do more of this kind of live with our future titles like BodyQuest?

January 26, 2021