Curso de programación. Videojuegos, nuevo libro para aprender programación escrito por David Rioja y Ricardo de la Rosa.

At Didactoons we don't stop and, in addition to developing educational video games for children, we also write about how to develop video games. David Rioja, CEO of Didactoons, and Ricardo de la Rosa, our senior programmer, have written an essential manual, Curso de programación. Videojuegos, edited by Anaya.

Shaping a game idea is exciting, sometimes a little complex, but always satisfying. This manual is a useful tool to get you started in the world of programming with references and exercises.

Curso de programación. Videojuegos will be available in bookshops and shops from 18 February to learn about videogames with Didactoons. You can find more information and the online shops at 

Programming manual written by the Didactoons team and published by the publishing house Anaya

February 4, 2021

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